Indian Ocean Experience Tours

Christmas Island

Indian Ocean Experiences is the only tour operator located on Christmas Island and can offer the following tours.

Christmas Island Orientation Tour

Time: 2 hours
Schedule: Generally on days flights arrive early enough.
Places: The populated centres of the island including Settlement, Poon Saan, Silver City, Drumsite, The Grotto and Tai Jin House.
Cost: AUD$50 per adult/ AUD$30 per child/ Infants free
Fitness: Minimal

Discover the history, culture and activities available on Christmas Island. This 2 hour tour explains many of the places of interest, suitable shopping and eating places, activities that are available during your stay and the history of settlement and development of the island. Start your stay getting the lowdown, an understanding of the layout of the island and a briefing on what activities would be suitable for you.

Christmas Island Nature Tour

Time: 3.5 – 4 hours
Schedule: Departures are 9.00am or 2.00pm
Places: The Dales, Hugh's waterfall, The Blowholes and Margaret Knoll Lookout.
Cost: AUD$90 per adult/ AUD$65 per child/ Infants free
Fitness: Good mobility and stability required

Crabs, rainforest, birds – this tour probably encapsulates the very best of Christmas Island. Our first stop is The Dales, home to a number of the crab species. Natural springs weave through a mystical rainforest, canopied by gigantic Tahitian Chestnut trees. From there we head to The Blowholes. Nowhere else on the island are the forces of nature so evident. Rhythmic waves, forcing water through the myriad of eroded cliffs provide a theatrical experience for guests. We then head to the peace and tranquillity of Margaret Knoll to view the rugged coastline from above, giving us stunning views across the Eastern Coast of the island.

Panoramic Bird Tour

Time: 3.5 – 4 hours
Schedule: Departures are 9.00am or 2.00pm
Places: Settlement, Golf Course Lookout, Lily & Ethel Beaches, Murray Road.
Cost: AUD$90 per adult/ AUD$65 per child/ Infants free
Fitness: Good mobility & stability required

Birds, birds and more birds! First we visit Golf Course lookout with stunning views across part of the eastern side of the island. During our eye-to-eye experiences with many of the islands bird species, learn more about their unique biology and behaviour and why they call Christmas Island home. We then visit Lily Beach for our tea break whilst viewing juveniles and nesting birds and then on to Ethel Beach. We then venture to the top terrace to view Abbotts Booby birds in their nesting habitat – one of the rarest seabirds in the world!

Dolly & Greta Beach Walking Tour

Time: 4 hours
Schedule: Departures are 8.30am or 2.00pm
Places: Dolly & Greta Beaches
Cost: AUD$90 per adult/ AUD$65 per child/ Infants free
Fitness: Good mobility required, lengthy walking required.

We venture to the lower terraces of the Eastern side of the island. A 40 minute ramble on foot through the jungle delivers us to our sandy, coconut-lined castaway beach, Dolly Beach. We rest here for a swim (subject to ocean conditions) and refreshments. We may have to share our morning tea with the friendly Robber crabs that frequent the area. We then head back along the same track to Greta Beach and grab a bag and search for unusual treasures the tide has bought in. We'll also remove some of the unwanted flotsam that is carried by ocean currents from lands far away.

Red Crab Spawning Tour

Time: 3.5 hours
Schedule: 3.30am – 7.30am
Places: Varies – dependent on the season
Cost: AUD$95.00 per adult/ AUD$70.00 per child/ infants free
Fitness: Moderate

It's what Christmas Island is famous for! 45 million red crabs go on the move at the start of the annual wet season, timing their spawning with tides which will carry their trillions of eggs out to sea. Experience the peak of what Christmas Island has to offer with this special tour which is only offered on specific dates each year and, subject to the rains starting allowing the crabs to move to the lower terraces. Light breakfast included. (All other tours do allow sightings of red crabs at other times of the year)


Spawning Christmas Morning Tour

Time: TBA
Schedule: 24th December & 25th December
Places: Sunset Padang for the sundowner Flying Fish Cove for spawning and breakfast
Cost: $150.00 per person
Fitness: Minimal - but some walking is required.

Start your Christmas Island Red Crab experience with sundowner drinks and nibbles on the 24th of December with a presentation on our red crabs at 6pm. Wake early for your 3.30am transfer to Flying Fish Cove for the spawning event with a hearty Christmas bbq breakfast served at the cove.

Cocos Island

Indian Ocean Experiences is the only tour operator located on Cocos Island and can offer the following tours.

Motorized Canoe Safari

Time: 4-5 hours
Schedule: Tide dependent – tours can start from 6.00am to 3pm.
Places: South Island, Pulu Mariah & Pulu Belan and many more.
Cost: AUD$125.00 per adult/ AUD$60.00 per child
Fitness: Reasonable mobility to enter and exit a canoe. No rowing required!

Your hosts, Kylie & Ashley from Cocos Islands Adventure Tours will show you some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the atoll that is the Cocos Keeling Islands. Enjoy the shallow, pristine aqua landscape as you comfortably motor across the Southern part of the lagoon, island hopping and snorkelling your way through paradise. Kylie & Ashley put on a great spread, either a champagne breakfast or sunset nibbles when you reach 'the pondok' to relax. You will be brim full of good food, good company and good cheer after an experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the world!

Glass Bottom Boat

Time: 5-6 hours
Schedule: 9.30am – 3pm, Depart from Dory's Café
Places: The lagoon, Prison Island, Direction Island
Cost: AUD$125.00 per adult
Fitness: Reasonable mobility to enter and exit a boat.

Let long-time local Geof Christie guide you around the lagoon playground of the Cocos Keeling Islands. Geof knows where all the good spots are for finding aqua-fauna (turtles etc), fishing and snorkelling. Island hop the northern part of the lagoon with a stop on remote and stunning Prison and Direction Islands. Team your experience with a pre-arranged picnic hamper from Dory's Café to keep you suitably nourished through this rich and exciting experience.