Welcome to your Indian Ocean Experience

Welcome to Indian Ocean Experiences…specialising in touring to Christmas Island and the Cocos Keeling Islands. Our company, with over 15 years experience in travel, tours, special packages and group tours ensures you get the best out of your visit to the Australian Indian Ocean Islands. Both islands, located off the North West of Australia and South of Java, offer differing but equally unique experiences.

Take pleasure in one or both of these tropical island delights and allow Indian Ocean Experiences to assist with your tour itinerary planning.

Christmas Island

Christmas Island, the remnant of an ancient undersea volcano, offers visitors rainforest, endemic species and close up experiences with birds and crabs. The island is most noted for the annual migration of the red land crabs. Adventure trails, mountain top vistas, secluded beaches and a mix of South East Asian cultures in a tropical colonial setting, make this a very unique slice of Australia.

Christmas Island experiences include Birdwatching tours and Wildlife tours which view many of our crab species including the ubiquitous red crab.

Cocos Island

Cocos Keeling Islands located a further 900km West of Christmas Island is a bejewelled chain of pearlescent sandy, coconut fringed islands.The top of an old sea volcano and formally known as Cocos Islands, these islands were the ancestral home of the Clunies-Ross dynasty. Remnants of a colonial outpost, combined with a unique mix of Malay and Scottish heritage, pristine beaches and a lagoon brimming with ocean species makes this a holiday destination not to be missed.

Cocos Island experiences include Birdwatching tours, adventure tours, snorkelling and cultural tours.

Australia's Indian Ocean islands combined can offer you Experiences that cannot be matched elsewhere. With more than 15 years experience of living in the Australian Indian Ocean Territories – why not get a personal experience with locals?