Exclusive Tours

Indian Ocean Experiences offers these great exclusive tours for when you want something a little more personal or specialised.

Christmas Island Hawk-Owl Tour

Time: Dependent on season and location of owls
Schedule: Dependent on season and location of owls
Places: Dependent on season and location of owls. Booking prior to arrival on island is essntial.
Cost: AUD$35 per adult and includes extra night if required
Fitness: Minimal

One of the best ways to view the rare and elusive Christmas Island Hawk-owl is to go with a local who knows where the little blighters like to hang out. To increase our chances of a sighting we do use a recorded call to get them in. All equipment is supplied. Please note: rain during the day and into the evening can reduce chances of sightings and the tour may have to be cancelled.

The Full Twitch Tour

Time: 2 days (14 hours flexible)
Schedule: Dependent on your requirements (early morning starts – late afternoon)
Places: Wherever there are birds!
Cost: AUD$350 per person/ minimum 2 persons – max. 4 persons
Fitness: Minimal to good mobility

Don't have much time on Christmas Island and want to make sure you get all the ticks you need – then book this 2 day tour! Day 1 we visit all the mainstay hangouts to indentify as many of the endemics and regular visitors as we can. That evening we endeavor to get the Christmas Island Hawk-owl. Day 2 we look for the more elusive birds like the Christmas Island Goshawk and any rare or visiting vagrants. Guests do need to indicate which species they are after and how much 'trolling' they are prepared to do to look for any unusual birds if they are trying to build their Australian list. (Meals aren't included in the tour, but lunch can be provided with pre-arrangement for an extra fee) Booking prior to arrival on island is essential.

3 Day Christmas Island Discovery Tour - Exclusive

Time: 3 x 7 hours (21 hours flexible)
Schedule: On pre-arrangement – tailored to suit your needs and interests.
Places: A combination of existing tours – but tailored to suit your interests.
Cost: AUD$650 per person/ minimum 2 persons – max 4 persons
Fitness: Tailored to suit guests

Want exclusive guiding and intimate experiences on Christmas Island? Then this could be the tour for you. This exclusive touring option allows you to have a guide to yourself for 3 days. Experience all the highlights of our regular tours, plus some extra 'off the beaten' track options. This tour can include extras by pre-arrangement such as airport and restaurant transfers. For an additional fee, lunch or a bbq dinner could be arranged. You will not be grouped with other guests during this tour. Pre-booking is essential to ensure exclusivity. **Block out periods apply. Booking prior to arrival on island is essential.

Special Charters

Time: At pre-arrangement with guests
Schedule: At pre-arrangement with guests
Places: At pre-arrangement with guests
Cost: AUD$130.00 per hour – maximum 4 guests (minimum 2 hours charge)
Fitness: At pre-arrangement with guests

Want to build your own itinerary? Perhaps this is the option for you. With our well-maintained 4WD vehicle, we can help you design a bespoke itinerary to maximize your experience on the island. Booking prior to arrival on island is essential.

Special Guest Guides

Tour Guide

On occasion, Christmas Island is extremely privileged to host scientists and researchers studying our varied and complex eco-system, or historians with an interest in the settlement, living culture and war history of our island. These people are always keen to share their knowledge and discoveries. If you are deeply interested in nature and would like more background to many of the projects and research working towards a better understanding of and conserving our unique flora & fauna, then this may be the option for you.

Tour times and days are subject to the guides being on Christmas Island.

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