Christmas Island

Road Closed Christmas Island is a rocky outpost located 2600km North East of Perth and 450km South of Jakarta. Resting on the precipice of the Java Trench, the Island is surrounded by jagged cliffs, punctuated by coral beaches, feeding on to tropical reefs teeming with marine life.

The multi-levelled terraces around the island host various terrestrial and avian fauna and flora.

Christmas Island has over 90 different species of crabs, some obvious like the Christmas Island red crab and the Robber Crab, others far more elusive. Researchers have identified 2 new crab species for the island in the last 18 months. This gives the island one of the most densest and varied populations of land crabs in the world.Small Bird

The bird life on Christmas Island cannot be missed. Birds are everywhere – all the time! Christmas Island boasts one of the most beautiful birds on the planet – the gold morph White-tailed tropicbird, or Golden Bosun. Their mesmerising aerial acrobatics and distinctive call can be heard all around the island.

Our proximity to South East Asia makes us an appealing stop for migratory and vagrant birds species, with new sightings being recorded annually.

Many other species, easily viewed, make Christmas Island a birdwatchers paradise. Our birds are very appealing to experienced and amateur bird photographers – their lack of fear allows an up close experience to get that all- important memorable shot, roosting, resting or in flight.


To support this varied and abundant life, the jagged inland terraces and ocean cliffs support the Jurassic style rainforest, filled with fauna, telling the story of how the island developed over the millennia.

A uniquely multicultural community adds colour and flavour to this Australian outpost on the edge of South East Asia.

Touring with a local Indian Ocean Experiences guide will ensure you get the most out of your Christmas Island natural and cultural experience.

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